Distilled Consulting Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary

Today, Distilled Consulting celebrates its 1st anniversary.

Managing Director, Todd Shardlow, reflected "Starting up a new business and making it through the first 12 months is always hard going - just ask any founder. To have started an exciting new Human Factors consultancy in the middle of a global pandemic and not just survived, but thrived – is something that I am incredibly proud of."

Time for a well deserved Distilled beverage to celebrate!

In its first year, Distilled Consulting has already made an impact and delivered projects across 4 states, supporting some of the key infrastructure projects that are currently underway across Australia. In our first 12 months, our clients have entrusted us to deliver our Human Factors expertise on significant projects such as:

  • Sydney Trains More Trains More Services 2 (North Works)
  • TfNSW New Intercity Fleet (NIF) trains
  • Sydney Metro West & Sydney Metro Western Sydney Airport
  • Inland Rail
  • …and more!

We are passionate about making an impact. We believe that integrating HF delivers better design and reduces the risks associated with human error. 

In a niche industry, Distilled Consulting brings forward thinking human factors integration and assurance expertise, delivered with a pragmatic approach.

Year Two coming up…time to keep pushing, keep delivering, and keep growing.  Bring it!



Humans & complex systems… Distilled.

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