About Distilled Consulting

Interaction between humans and complex systems is never black and white.

Navigating systems or processes that involve human behaviour will intrinsically deal in grey areas. The key is in understanding both the grey human factors as well as the black and white system behaviour. We take an enlightened approach that balances these often opposing considerations to find the sweet spot between Human Factors purism and real world pragmatism.

At Distilled Consulting, we are known for our robust but “right-sized” approach to HF integration, tailored for each project. With our unique perspective and objective viewpoint, we partner with your project team to collaboratively define and refine functional but elegant HF solutions that understand engineering challenges and design constraints.

In a niche industry, Distilled Consulting brings forward-thinking human factors integration and assurance expertise, delivered with a pragmatic approach.

Our approach respects the big-picture strategic intent of the system, and the practical commercial realities of the project, whilst rigorously advocating for the end user, and ensuring safety compliance throughout the project lifecycle.

We are objective advisors that work with engineers, designers, operations managers and end users to discern HOW the (re)design of these complex systems can be distilled to be SAFER, more INTUITIVE, user friendly and efficient... from the outset. We support organisations in taking a risk-based approach to managing ongoing operational and maintenance challenges. We provide high quality, pragmatic human factors and advisory services across high risk industries.

How can we help your organisation deal with Human Factors?

Integrating the niche perspective and experience of Human Factors expertise into your project optimises the quality, safety and efficiency of the resulting system, and enhances the end-user experience.